Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

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To Eugene I say

I want to go to Eugene. The feeling has sorta been growing in me for a while. It's one of the biggest cities in Oregon, and I'm not sure if I have so much as stopped for gas there. I know at least three people who live there. Emilie who I haven't seen in years, and missed the chance to meet when she was in town for Christmas. My second cousin Kinsey who I am planning to call tomorrow to see if I can crash at her pad. Kristen kchild is the one I want to visit most though. Because she is a winning combination of fun, and smart. Not that the other people I would like to visit aren't. So I guess I should say things differently, but each time I try to come up with a reason it bombs when I try to logically validate it. I guess it is just my intuition then.

The clear reason for going on a road trip is so that I won't stew on the recent crappyness of my life. Lets see. Place to stay. Financial resources for gas, and snacks. Contact numbers. Pack. Hopefully I can get all that done tomorrow.
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