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I hope that this new dawn brings happier times

Last night as I was about to head out to a much needed social gathering I decided to check up on the journal of a friend who had been sick. I found out that the reason that she hadn't been online, is that she is dead. She actually died about a week before my Grandma, but I didn't know. Her funeral is today, but I can't go because it is in Indiana. I never got to meet her in person. I never had the opportunity to give her a hug.

The hugs, and friendship last night dulled the pain for a while, but frequently through the night I been sobbing, or even shaking. I don't know if a second death just pushed me over the edge, or if... No I do know. This girl was special. I found her easy to love. So many hard experiences that I understand, because I have had them too. So many interests in common.

Here is a link to her so that you can know what a wonderful person she was too. http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=atroposmoirae&itemid=65163&nc=22

A friend of mine found out that she lost one of her friends last night about the same time I found out about my own friend.

I can't promise all of you that my heart will be broken, and I won't be able to function should you ever die on me, but I think that is how I will be.

I think my complete lack of sleep is getting to me.

Always know that I love you
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