Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

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Slowly getting better... I guess

I volonteered at Thomas Edison highschool two days. I also did job shawdowing at the Forest Grove School district office one day. All for expiriences to help me get the job I applied for at the Northwest Reginal Education Service District. Then I didn't get around to calling them for a whole week. Then when I did call them I found out that they were closed until January 6. I felt like I had wasted my chance just because I was pessimistic about the possibility of getting the job. The day I did job shadowing was the same day that my friends at DirecTV found out that they were going to loose their jobs.

The family party went well.

Last night my Grandpa's Hard drive died while I was using the mouse. I have spent many hours recently getting his computer working perfectly, and now it is worse than when I started, and there is nothing I could have done. I just feel kinda helpless to control anything important.

I think I am slowly getting better now instead of worse. I don't even know what I am sick with. Thats something nice. Another thing I don't have control over, but at least it is something that is improving.
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