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Fabulous evening

Right now I am feeling joyfully elated. I know that doesn't make for great entires so I'm sorry to all of you that were looking for a good rant. If you are you had best move on, because I am only going to vomit up a sugar coated report of fun that vastly exceeded my expectations.

--> begin sugary sweetness here

I was working on my plan to become a billionaire when I got a phone call from Wenona. She said. Hey, I am having a really bad day so I really need to relax after work, wanna join me. I never really know what to expect when someone wants to hang out with me when they are in a bad mood. Maybe they will stew on some bad feeling all evening. Maybe they will be really serious about having lots of fun to make up for their bad day. Such a big spectrum of feelings I might encounter. I of course said yes without a moments hesitation.

I rang the doorbell to her work about 5 minutes early in downtown Portland. We really didn't do anything special. We each ordered the same drink, and shared a dinner order. Went to a store with fun stuff to look at, and drove around listening to music. I guess it was just the endless good conversation that made it a great evening.

I guess I could elaborate, and specifically spell out what music we listened too (Belly + Oh crap I can't remember anymore). What food we ate (Hummus with pita bread). Drinks we sipped (Raspberry Crow OH Yeah so incredibly yummy). I don't think the details really matter though, because descriptions of what we did wouldn't scream guaranteed great time to me.

Since it wasn't the places that made it such a good time it must have been the people. I recommend that if you want to have a good time you should invite me over. Or it could also be Wenona that causes good times. Or maybe only us as a group.

Nothing ever really seems effective in adequately expressing a good time, so I am going to stop now. I guess you just had to be there.

Edited 1:07 PM

OH Yeah the other music was "The Dead Milkmen" - "You'll dance to anything"
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