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I'm going to be a billionare

Today I spent a lot of time building something that is part of a project that will make me rich. It's a secret though. I took advantage of being alone this weekend, and I cleaned up all the evidence that I had been working before anyone got home. So no one knows except you, but you don't really know, because you don't know what I am working on. I will say this. It might be a giant robot, and it might shoot laser beams out of it's eyes.

Yesterday I was bored so I went, and helped Wenona's mom move, but her mom wasn't there at all. That seems strange to me because all of the rest of her family was. It was fun for moving. I think it was fun because Wenona is fun. I was trying to tell her that the Daniel from the bible (where my name comes from) survived the night in the lions den because he drugged the lions. The whole notion that he survived because of some Divine act of god doesn't make sense to me. I don't think weed would have done the trick because it would have given them the munchies. Maybe GHB that way they could pass a drug test the next day.

Last night I dreamed that I was in a park, and I kept seeing people I recognized. People that I could often name. Whats really strange is that they were different ages than their current ones. Always younger. One person was as I knew them in 7th grade rather than how I knew them as a senior in high school.
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