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Stop watching the news

News broadcasts are designed to make us scared, and paranoid. This makes us spend much of our efforts protecting ourselves from perceived threats instead of fixing important problems. Maybe the news on public radio is safe. They don't seem to focus on craziness nearly as much. Really stop watching the news until they start focusing on happy stories. The news would be much more fun if they did. I decided this after watching "Bowling for Columbine" on Monday. A Michael Moore documentary. http://michaelmoore.com/

I got my application in on time. Thirty minutes early even. It was a surprisingly difficult thing to do. I expected when I started to have everything ready sometime on Monday. Since I was told that they probably wouldn't even start calling people to set up interviews for at least two weeks it is time to start looking other places. I think I will take a day, or two off from job searching to take care of some things that I didn't bother with at all since Friday. It will probably make me feel a bit guilty to not be working on the job search, but if I don't take some sort of breather I will feel like I didn't get any kind of reward for my work. Even thought I might get a job for my work. It all feels like gambling. I usually avoid any kind of gamble, and this time I don't even know the odds.

ATT forgot to disconnect phone service at the place I used to live. I was supposed to be disconnected almost 2 months ago. They didn't discover their mistake until I called to ask why I got 2 bills that said do not pay on them. Customer service was very nice to me, and apologized for accidentally giving me free service. I was assured that they would fix their mistake, and that I would not be billed with statements that credit my account. Their hold music is much more relaxing and pleasant than the music I had to listen to all the time at DirecTV.

PCC (http://www.pcc.edu/ for people not familiar with the area) on the other hand treated me like crap. I was billed for a parking permit that was useless because they oversold their parking by about 10000 spaces. I drove around the parking lot for an hour and a half without finding a space. That was actually one of the deciding reasons for dropping out. There is an overwhelming feeling that nobody at that place cares about any student at all. I was also billed for a locker that didn't work. The locker would open without entering a combo. The locker fee was nonrefundable under any circumstances she told me. I could have gotten my money back for the parking permit. BUT to return the parking permit I would have had to find a parking space so that I could actually get to the place I would return the permit, AND I would then be without a permit when I went in to return the one I had. Thus I would have to buy a temporary permit. I guess you have to pay for a more expensive school if you want anybody to care about you.

Now that I am done ranting I think I am going to go read something educational like "The C++ Programing Language Special Edition", or my illustrated copy of "Kama Sutra".
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