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My last post rocked. I think you missed. it.

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Nov. 6th, 2002 | 12:57 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Jay Leno on TV

Yesterday I tried to make a fun post. I felt there were many oportunities for funny comments that didn't get made. :-( If you want me to continue to make fun posts you must give me a sign that you appreciate my efforts :-p. I think it is time to go back, and comment on yesterdays post. I will make it easy for you. http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=teknotus&itemid=28065&view=49313#t49313

<-- End arrogance here

Wenona came over to visit me. She saw a whole Jackie Chan movie for the first time in her life. She watches Jackie Chan adventures often. She was laughing all the time. I gave her the oportunity to get an ego boost by making breakfast for my family, and therefor reciving many honest compliments, but she opted to be waited on. That doesn't make up for all the times she cooks for me, but it's a start.

Today I watched a movie that had NO plot at all with Wenona. It had some nuclear explosions that she missed. There weren't even any speaking lines in it. No really, none. I liked it. I would watch it again. Then 2 minutes after the movie ended I gave her a hug, and drove to OMSI to watch Star Wars with some people I used to work with at DirecTV. They cut a bunch, and it looked really distorted on such a curved screen. Anikin's pimples were over a foot wide.

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(no subject)

from: mikeys
date: Nov. 6th, 2002 10:19 pm (UTC)

your last post will have to read at home from now on.

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Daniel Patrick Johnson

Ah hA!

from: teknotus
date: Nov. 6th, 2002 11:17 pm (UTC)

I looked at my journal tonight, and found that the number of people on my friend of list was down by two. The other person took me off his list, and blocked me on his instant messanger accounts. All because of some things I said to a girl he has a crush on. I didn't even want to talk to her. Meh! Good to see that you arn't angry with me. I should cover stuff like that up with lj cuts. One person on my friends list startled me one day by using a user icon that was a picture of the head end of a barbie doll sticking out of a vagina. Thats when I set up a friends list using the ... next to friends so that I could setup a list of friends journals that were approved for looking at from work. Looks like Wenona followed my journal to yours. That was a very unusual post for me. I'm getting a little more bold. I will try to be good.

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Re: Ah hA!

from: mikeys
date: Nov. 7th, 2002 09:30 am (UTC)

Heh, well I'm glad you noticed ;) I'm not one for censoring other peoples journals but it is polite to keep the more risque stuff burried with a warning tag...

i read my journal at work, and we're a pretty family oriented company.

that and I'm all old and crotchety, I'm always surprised what does and doesn't offend me these days.

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