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You People Rule!!!!!!!

You had all better love me for spending hours letting the whole world know how much I care. I have sorta lost track of the time I spent on it. I wanted people to feel good about what I wrote.

smirkkizat Chemically Imbalanced Girl
She is not on my friends list, but I understand she started the whole friends list with icons thing so I thought I should give her a credit. I met her only once even though I worked in the same building as her for months, and she was the roommate of one of my friends.

I am organizing this list by where I met them, or when with a few exceptions. I'm not really sure with some people so it may be a little mixed up.

Jr. High
Mystery Manmikeys Mikeys
Maybe if I had given this guy rides home from school in high school, and moved to Cali he would still be my best friend. I met him in the first quarter of 7th grade. I guess that means that I have known him about half of my life. He works for a little silicon valley computer company called Apple.

lovelyurchin TheSecretCollector/friedwenon wenona
She first wrote in my 9th grade yearbook, but I think I have known her since 7th grade too. I didn't know her much at all until I sat next to her in a typing class for I think half a year. We didn't really become friends until senior year when I was missing an art credit, and took a crafts class. She wasn't in that class but she spent a lot of time in the art building. We went out together on prom night. It was the first date I ever went on. We didn't go to the prom though. We went to Pizza Schmizza, and then went to a cheap movie. We walked into it about half way through. I think it was a Jackie Chan movie, but I could be confused about that. I spent a total of about $6 that night. About a year out of high school I lost track of her until about a year ago when I called her parents. She is married now to a person I have known even longer than her. 2nd grade I think. They are separated soon to be divorced. We have been hanging out a lot over the last two months. My number one best friend Ben Helgren moved to Boston just before we started hanging out. Why must best friends keep moving away? If you look at the interests we have listed in common the only overlap is Skiing (I have only been skiing once), and Books (we read different books). That makes me realize how little common interests have to do with two peoples compatibility. It is not uncommon for our conversations to last hours. She is basically my favorite person right now. I started her on live journal.

skisungirl SkiSunGirl
She lived down the hall from me at Pacific University. She lives in Idaho. I actually know her better from email, and IM chat than from time we spent together. She helped me develop as a person more than she knows. She taught me to ski. She is certified to teach expert level. She had a tendency to either bury me in snow, or BEAT ME with ski poles when I screwed up. I started her on Live Journal.

Fry's Electronics
bridge peacelx lx
I had the same title as John at Fry's for a while. "Computer Accessory Sales". John has published a very technical book on post gre SQL I think. You can probably find it in your local library. He also draws, writes music, and is generally very artistic. He is taking a vacation from LJ right now, and he still hasn't added me to his friends list even though he instant messages me almost every day. He also worked at 800Support but not while I was there. He is currently working on a secret project for a famous movie director.

ossuary Brandon Crawford
When I worked at Fry's Electronics Brandon was a door Nazi, and later Big Brother. He was my supervisor at 800Support, and the third supervisor I had at DircTV. I didn't get to know him until this year when I would frequently stay after work just to talk to him. He is really an interesting person once you get past his cold distrustful stare. If you wait 3 minutes, and give him a little shit that stare will turn into a smile. Maybe its the military school his parents sent him to that gave him the cold stare. I think he knows everybody I know from any of my jobs who is on my friends list. I think I might have contributed to his starting an account on Live Journal.

glasses041277 Emotionally Scarred Girl
I wanted to get to know Rin since I met her at 800Support. She was usually dancing in her cube to happy hardcore when I got to work around 5AM. My social skills were still really laking back then, so I think she didn't like me. I got to know her working at DirecTV. I learned a whole lot about people from her. She is good at photography, and photoshop. I started on LJ because of her. She used to instant message me every day, now she will start a chat maybe once every three weeks. She hates my Ex roommate Ian. It is very entertaining to hear her talk about how terrible a person he is. I don't defend him because it is true.

Evil Logodirectvbb Directv Broadband Ex and Current Employees
DirecTV wasn't such a bad place to work when I started there, but they kept giving us more responsibilities, and less authority. Taking a few minutes longer than average to do something would cause someone to badger you as to why? People regularly got fired for things they didn't do.

charcoalmonkeyhole monkeyhole
I worked with Peter at 800Support, but I don't think I met him until training class at DirecTV. He sat in the cube to the right of me. Coincidentally he is good friends with the person that I talked to the most when I worked at 800Support Leslie Bliss. She sat in the cube next to me back then. Peter likes to draw, and make music, and act, and most of all play video games. He was one of my primary sources of entertainment at work. I loved when he was disco dancing to his Saturday night fever album. I started him on LJ. I'm currently banned from his instant messenger, but he swears that it is not because he hates me. He tried to freak me out on a regular basis, but he failed. Usually I would freak him out instead.

Beejtotalbitch Complex Mathematical Equation
Meagan sat in the cube to my left. She was also in my training class. When I started working with her she would start conversations. Most of the time she was quiet. Usually when she opened her mouth she would say something very funny, or insightful. When I learned that she was interested in math I wanted to get to know her because so few people are, and I am. She gave me a hug once. She took me off of her friends list, and I don't know why. Brandon had to fire her when she worked at 800Support for Porn. So she doesn't like it when people send naked pictures of themselves to her. Well at least not to her work account.

black chocomagus2k2 magus2k2
Zack sat in a cube a row over from the one I sat in. He is very clever with electronics, and computers. I bet he can find anything on the internet. I visited his place once. He is laid back, and seems to genuinely like most people.

fatfucker Fat Bastard/scooter360 Fat Dude
This guy has a heart like the warm glow of a fire. If you are not a prick he will probably like you. He will probably like you even if you are. Girls don't notice him, and that is a shame because I bet any girl in a relationship with him would have more love than they would ever need. If you are a single girl who wants to be treated with respect, and doesn't mind a guy with a few extra pounds check him out.

mrruckus MrRuckus
Chris was one of my favorite "Mentors" at DirecTV. He would approve my escalations without even looking at them because he respected me. He is really shy, so I don't know him all that well.

dj_girl South Parkdj_girl The Adventures of DJ Girl
Amber is fun to talk to. I don't feel like I really met her until we were both really sick one day, and ate lunch together in the break room. I used to visit her cube all the time. I hardly ever talk to her anymore. She doesn't act the same over IM that she does in person. I saw her for the first time in two months last week. I got to hear her spin for the first time. She likes cool music. She is working, and going to school so she doesn't have much time at all. She seems like such a G rated person until you get to know her.

kylite Jesse Cranston
Jesse got rides home from Brad who sat in a cube near me. Jesse is the Ultimate nerd. His glasses are like binoculars. He plays lots of computer games. He is the undisputed king at a local laser tag establishment. I really like him. I gave him his LJ code.

Bastardjimmythebastard jimmythebastard
My other favorite "Mentor". He is pretty shy in person. He likes to inflate himself in the digital realm to superhero/villain stature. He is a nice guy who says I love you a lot, and I think he means it. But then he demonstrates how much he loves you by warning you on AIM, or farting in your cubicle. I had a tendency to talk about things other than business when I was forced to call the mentor line, and ended up talking to him. It's not like I needed help solving a problem when I called the mentor line. I just need escalation approval, or some BS like that. The two Chrises were about the only people on the mentor line who ever told me something I didn't already know. Don't transfer an irate customer to Chris, he might start crying, or worse plotting revenge against you.

Space Cowboytarod208 Tarod
Matt was my second, and fourth supervisor at DirecTV. He is a nice guy, but that isn't obvious when you first meet because he seems pure business. He knows more about anime than anyone else I know I think.

you lookin' at me?rosencr4ntz rosencr4ntz
My fifth supervisor at DirecTV. I've been to his house often enough to loose count, but I think it has been few enough times that I can count them on my hands. His house kicks ass, and I wish I had the money to move into the room that opened up. He has a very enterprising spirit. He manages to afford a very nice house with modest earnings. He is starting a business that I think will have high demand. Most people really like him immediately. Lots of girls have crushes on him. Despite all that he is kind of lonely because he is shy.

Pink Topcandybee Candace
I pretty much only know about her from what she writes in her journal. She has only replied to one of my comments twice, and she was one of the first people to list me as a friend. Before most of my friends even.

lobsterglolikestetris Gloria
The only person I added to my friends list by random journal browsing. I was looking for someone who would be compatible with my personality. I thought I had found someone who was, based on what she wrote, and the first few weeks of AIM chats with her. Then she seemed to get more, and more bored with me though. Hmm. I started trying to come up with interesting ways to start chats, but that failed. I rarely try anymore. I don't regret my failed friendship attempt though because of all the side effects. Chatting with her was like the first domino in a huge chain. Turned out that Peter who sat next to me at work had met her. I understood that this helped him network a lot, because she had contacts for a lot of people he knew. I met Becca because she followed one of my comments on her journal back to my journal. Ben built up the courage to instant message a person whose journal he enjoyed reading, because of my apparent success in meeting a person over the internet. Each of those in turn was the first domino in another chain of events. Gloria likes tetris a lot, but she can't survive to the highest levels. She enjoys classical music. She sings, plays violin, piano, and organ. She is studying to become a nurse. She thinks she is boring, but she really is more interesting than she thinks.

mysticalmyth Mystic Girl
I gave her a LJ creation code. She was very active in her journal for two months, and then she decided that she didn't want random strangers reading about her life. So she deleted her journal. Some people I just never understand. She has been deaf her whole life, and she cannot speak either. There is little chance that I would have interacted with her at all in person, but on the internet I had no idea. It was really interesting to get a different point of view for a while. She lives in the DC area.

shoebexfabulous beat it, smallpox!
The first real friend I made by way of the internet. I was so impressed by her that the very first time I chatted with her I upgraded her account to a paid account. She is just that Rad. I first met her in person on the magazine isle in the Beaverton Mall WinCo. Something about it just felt like meeting an old friend. She usually has more stuff planned than she has time to do, so like an overbooked flight plans get bumped. I am learning to be intentionally flaky when meeting her, that way we arrive at the same time. I think she has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) like I do. So she can understand me on a level that most people can't, and I can be patient with her because I know how hard it is. We usually just meet for coffee. I hope we can do something a little more fun soon. I plan on going to her upcoming concert.

basslinedoll Miss Mary Sunshine!
I added Amanda to my friends list because she had three people on her friends list that were also on mine, and that would link most of them together. Not much later she planned a big camping trip that I went along on. It was fun even though I missed most of it. I met a bunch of people. I feel like I owe her for the food I ate. I would go camping again sometime. I think she is the only person on my friends list still attending high school. There are so many things about high school I do not miss.

imamanatee Spud
Des introduced herself to me by writing something to the effect of [I just spent 3 hours reading your journal last night so I thought I would message you]. I can't imagine how I could possibly be interesting enough to justify spending that much time. The first time we chatted I kept feeling like I was boring her. I usually feel like that still. Most of her journal entries are fun to read so I prioritize them pretty high. She keeps trying to seduce my friend Wenona. Not as often as I do, but quite often. I don't discourage this at all. I encourage it. There is nothing wrong with my friends getting along with each other. I totally understand Wenona's attraction to Des, because Des is HOT with 7 T's.

skullkchild perspective pries weighty eyes and gives you wings
I read Kristin's journal before I met her. I met her on the camping trip. I can tell that she is smart, and shy. I wish that I had more to say about her, but she hasn't been on my friends list very long, and she banned me from AIM, so I haven't gotten a chance to get to know her. Yes I notice when people ban me. I have three AIM usernames. It is rather simple to see who shows up on which list. I don't check very often, but I do check. I absolutely love the comments she has made to my journal. I don't mind that she banned me, I don't think it is because she hates me. Just means that it will take a lot longer to get to know her. She writes some of the funniest stuff ever!!!

pinkpandaxian Audri Celeste
She made a very funny comment to my journal, so I had to look at hers. She is smart, and funny. She has a perspective that is very different from my own, and that usually leads to conversations I find interesting. I she has a cat named after Jackie Chan.

doubting_andy doubting andy
He added me because something about me reminded him of himself. He has been busy with work most of the time since he started his journal so I don't know much about him yet.

bunnyoven amazon girl
She added me to her friends list about a week ago. I have only chatted with her twice so far.

Friend of a Friend
She head butts me a lot. Hasn't found the time to add me to her friends list.

cute and shitboggle1223 Beck & Call Girl
I met her at harvey's comedy club. She lives with Rin. She has a son that means the world to her. She rarely gets to see him. I can tell that she is becoming a stronger person. She deserves more respect than she usually gets.

contemplativeaxiomjunglist Axiom
Damon is a nice guy. Like me he has ADD. I know how hard that makes some things. He regularly uses his journal to express how much he loves Amber. He does this to the point that one wonders if he spends 2/3 of his free time just thinking about her. He is so, so whipped.

a hat makes the bandfuturepet futurepet
The roomate of LX. I met him once. He is cooler than John because he added me to his friends list.

Polydoodleteknotus One Divided By Zero
I feel like I am still getting to know this guy. He is a dreamer who is dissapointed when he is unable to do things that would baffel Einstein. Who does he think he is trying to unlock the greatest secrets of the universe.

I Lurve all of U more than you know...
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