Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson


Last Halloween I had a very vivid dream, that changed the course of my life. This year nothing so spectacular happend. I started to watch a movie with Wenona, and being that she hadn't had sleep in 36+ hours she didn't last long. She did make a delicious enchalada dinner though before she stopped moving. I always eat so well when I hang out with her. I usually don't feel like there is much I can to do repay her for all the food I eat. I convinced her to got to bed, and get the sleep I know that she needs instead of just resting her head on my shoulder. It felt good, but she has work tomorrow :/ ...

So now I am home. My huge friends list post is pretty much done, but I want to proof read it, and make changes so that everone feels good about what I say concerning them.
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