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Daniel Patrick Johnson

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I'm a dropout

By the time I was done with the huge ordeal I had to go through in order to get registered for school, most of the classes I wanted to take were full. So I was only registered for one class. This was the highest level math class they would let me test into. My skills are actually at a higher level, but this was what I could get into without having gotten a good grade on a preriquisite. The class was structured stupidly. Three 50 minute lectures a week and 2 hour 20 minute lab classes a week. With 2 hours of nothing between lecture, and lab. And I couldn't even spend that time doing homework because homework isn't given until the end of the last lab class of the week, and it is due at the beginning of the first lecture class of the week. On wednesday I spent over an hour just looking for a goddam parking spot. I got frustrated, and so I decided to stop, and calm down so that I wasn't all road rage, and postal. I was just stopped in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. At that point is was only five minutes till class. I decided to look some more, and not 30 seconds later a woman walked up to a parking spot right in front of where I had been stopped for 10 minutes. She got in, and took off. I of course could not get back there before someone took the spot. I decided that it was a massive waste of my time to be going to school there taking a class I have taken before. So I dropped the class, and returned the book. Officially I am still enrolled though. I can get student discounts. Yay!
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