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A web site with hours of operation WTF!!!

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Sep. 10th, 2002 | 03:17 am
mood: cynicalcynical
music: POE - Control

Found this on PCC.edu's registration site.
Login to the Secure Area is Unavailable at this time.
Hours of operation are:
Mon-Thur 7am - 11pm
Fri,Sat 7am - 6pm
Sun 1pm - 6pm "

It took so long to get through all of the registration crap to get into class. At least this wait is only a few hours, not a whole week.

Once I have done that I can try to find a job that will work with my school schedule. That could be hard. I sorta need it to pay for my living expenses too. Living with my parents just isn't going to work anymore. Also I need to move. I gave a month notice over a month ago, but they didn't have a replacement roomate yet so I decided to stay a bit longer. Hopefully I find a new place really really soon. I would prefer to move in the direction of Portland because there is more to do, and the average distance to a friends house would be lower. I would move someplace farther away from Portland though, so long as it is nice.

If anyone is looking for a roomate let me know.

I keep finding that a cell phone would solve a problem I am in. I want one really bad. For example picking someone up at there work only to find that they aren't outside, and the door is locked such that I can't even talk to the security guard. I had to go find a payphone. People showing up 40 minutes late. Calling me 5 minutes after I left to find something to do because I gave up on them calling me back.

I wanna join a qym. I used to be in shape. I miss the feeling a lot. It is nice having a body that fits comfortably. Seems like everyone I talk to is a member of 24 hour fitness. I like the idea of being able to go whenever I want. I even have someone to spot for me.

Stupid car still needs Scheduled mantinence to be done. I know that I don't have enough money right now to do whatever that entails, or I would have done it by now. Sorry car, I wish I could be as good a parent as your last owner. I will at least take it in for an oil change. Every other scheduled maintinence has been done I think within 1000 miles of when it is supposed to be so that makes me feel bad that I screwed up the cars nearly flawless service record.

The other day I was looking at my friends backpack, and I was thinking that bag looks so cool. It is made by the same company as mine, and I think it is a less expensive model than mine was when I got mine even, but it is so much nicer. They have made lots of improvement over the years. I think what I like most is that the zippers work.

Whenever people give me directions to someplace over AIM I am annoyed that I then have to transcribe them to paper with a pen. It would also be nice for things like the writing class I would be signed up for now if it wasn't for the stupid website. I think the professor would prefer that I actually give them a copy of my work instead of just tell them how wonderful it is.

I think I will put one of those PayPal things on my bio page so that people can sent me their excess money. I would be providing a servise for people who don't have time to count all the zeros on their bank statements. For example $800,000 is so much more tiring to look at than $80. I mean really how many zeros do you really need. You wouldn't think that Zeros would improve my financial situation but they really would. Eighty is also easier to pronounce than eight-hundered-thousand.

It would be so nice to be independantly wealthy but I am not. I will probably end up working some crappy job, but I will probably have to beg my family for a little help too.

I noticed that I have a new person on my friend of list. kchild I met her in person almost a month ago in the woods. I didn't really get a chance to meet her. It looks like I can see a whole lot of locked entries in her journal now, including directions to the campsite that I had to get by other means. Maybe I will have time to read her journal tomorrow.

I f33l like I am going to pass out 20 minutes ago so I should probably finish up. Oh wait I already did.

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