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Aliens in the cornfield

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Sep. 6th, 2002 | 04:02 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Random Techno

Yesterday I went through hours of testing. AGAIN!!! The first time I went through placement testing I only finished one of the tests on time. I got a PERFECT score on that test. On the tests that I didn't finish the number of points I got closely matched the number I finished. So I signed up for the untimed retest. They made me schedule it a week of time. The retest is what I took yesterday, and I scored high enough so that I couldn't have placed higher than I did. Originally I was under the impression that all I would have to do is take in my college transcripts. I took me over two weeks just to be able to register for classes I have taken before. Oh well I wanted something easy to start out with anyways before I transfer out with some A grades.

So now I can register for classes that I can't afford to pay for. Yay! Well I know I can get family support here, but I would feel better paying for them. Also rent, three months of car insurance... I had been expecting to know my schedule by now so that I could find an appropriate part time job. Ahh too much to do.

Last night I Wenona at her work. We had dinner where she introduced me to one of the most yummy drinks I have ever had. I couldn't even taste the Alchol. I would have gotten another, but I am trying to conserve money, and lunch today cost less than that drink. Then we saw the movie signs. I liked it. It was refreshing to not be rushed to get out of the theater. I think it is so cool that Wenona likes to watch the credits like I do.

Oh yes the dreaming. I haven't dreamed much in months. I think I am starting to remember my dreams more, or have more dreams maybe. Last weekend I had this dream where I was in a public transit bus, and the thing must have had thousands of horsepower because it felt like a sports car. I was like wow an express bus. We didn't stop to pick up any passengers. We passed everyone. The driver did something like a handbreak turn in the middle of a huge intersection. It was Rad. I wanna nother ride. Last night I could fly in my dream. I used to have a reoccuring dream where each dream was a follow up to a previous one, and I could fly. When I first started I could hardly fly at all. Each dream I would get better at flying. I got up to the point where I could pretty much fly where ever I wanted. Last night I was working on flying faster. The novelty of being about the only one who could fly in my dreams was wearing off, and I was trying to become really good at it. I think I was also teaching others the basics of flying.

I love good dreams. I was worried that I would have a nightmare because of the scary movie I saw, but instead I get an awesomely amazing one. I Rule. Also the movie wasn't scary it startled me occationally but that is it.

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