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Oh no not my head!!!

I need to see a doctor. I was at my friends house when I noticed this spot in my vision where I couldn't see well. It was sorta fractal kalidiscope-y. I closed one, eye, and then the other. It was in both eyes in the same spot. I decided that ment it must be in my brain. I haven't had anything besides caffeine in a week that I could think of. This kinda thing has happened to me a few times before. Always the symptoms get worse really fast. I decided to sit down before the flashing colors made me dizy with motion sickness. It helped a lot. I sat down that helped. The little circle of messed up vision had gotten much bigger already. There was a teddy bear on the couch next to me. I hugged it. After a while almost all the vision on the left side was close to useless. I kept moving my hand from right to left, and seeing it dissapear. My vision came back faster than it went away. I expected this. I excused myself, and drove home. I knew a bad headache was on the way. A while after I got home my left hand went numb. Then parts of my left arm, and face. I had already taken two Excedrin Migraine. I took another, about the time feeling was coming back. I've had bits of my senses dissapear before. The firt time was I think my softmore, or junior year in high school. In the middle of class my right hand went completely numb. Then the feeling slowly moved up my arm, and into my face. My hand wasn't numb by the time my face was. This was probably the worst case. It was localized to the left side. I hasn't been in the past. I'm scared, but I am also scared about what the doctors might decide to do with me. I like my brain. I don't want them sticking probes in it, or cutting chunks out of it.

Besides that. The reason why I was at my friends house was a going away party. I helped him load up his truck. Ben, and his wife Kara are headed to their new home in Boston. They both have jobs there. They will come back someday when the job market in Portland it better. They had already left when my brain went haywire. I would probably have done something with his roomate, and all of his friends that I have gotten to know over the years if I hadn't gotten all messed up.

There was one positive highlight of the day. I was talking to my friend Wennona about some plans I had with Desiree, and she said that sounded like fun. She wanted to come too if that was ok. So I got both of them in a AIM chatroom, and they really hit it off. We are definately going to be doing something as a group. I have wanted a group of friends that were all friends with each other for a long time. I have made friends with some of my friends friends, but I haven't really been a group where everybody was friends with everybody since highschool. Socializing is way too addicting. I think I can't just be what I used to be anymore.

I went to Starbucks around 2:15 AM. I got this Iced Frappacino brownie thing that was really good.
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