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Death, & Rebirth

On Sunday I got to hand out with Amber, and Damon in the first time on over a month. Too bad they weren't really in the chit chat kinda mood, but it was good to see them none the less. I was introduced to the Coffee people shake that was really good, and I could feel the effects of the caffeene on my tired body. Becca had told me about how much fun she had, had the previous day playing in the Salmon street springs, and as we sat there I watching people play I thought Damm I missed it. I probably would have spent more time with Amber, and Damon, but My best friend who is moving to Boston this month was having a party, and I didn't want to miss one of my last chances to do stuff with him. I stayed for about 5 hours. It was fun. I got tired early though. If I wasn't so tired, and they weren't talking about doing crazy stuff I wasn't comfortable with I would have stayed longer. So I should plan to do stuff with Amber, and Damon again sometime.

Today I didn't feel up to facing the world. I stayed in most of the day watching Anime. I'm glad I did because in one of the videos I watched a character was directly facing the same kind of issue I was, it solved my dillema, the solution worked perfectly in real life even. Tomorrow I think I am going to watch more anime. Maybe that will solve more of my problems.

One of the videos I watched today was called Death & Rebirth, it is amazing, but it ends with a cliffhanger Bastards set the release dates of the two videos 26 days apart. Since emotionally I wasn't good for much in the middle of the day, and then at the end I felt great I decided this was a good tile for my post.

Green is by far my favorite color

What is my spectrum?

I am green: My main color is green. I like to have fun and comfort. Happiness is the marker of a great life.

What is my spectrum?
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