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Finnally something happened

Julie's parents were here most of the day. (Julie is one of my roomates) Because of that I avoided leaving my room. The beach trip fell through. Ben is still busy getting ready for his wedding, and moving cross country. It was too hot in my room. I wanted to head out, but where would I go... So I ended up staying in. I cleaned up my room a whole lot. I got a lot closer to understanding how to make my little project work.

The interesting point of my day was meeting Becca in person for the first time. I was in a crappy mood. Becca was headed to winco to get food. They were out of something that I wanted when I went last night. Becca is just as fun, and cool in real life as online. Even when we are both in kinda a bad mood. So I feel pretty good now. For everyone else that I have only met online. I look forward to meeting you.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I actually have plans, so I shouldn't be bored all day. If I can only remember where I am meeting my friend tomorrow, and can actually find it all will be good.
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