Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

The garage sale

On friday I took the oportunity to spend some time with my best friend Ben. He is getting married this month, and then moving to Boston area. Sommerville to be precise. He said I should move to Boston too. I hadn't seen him in probably a month. Actually it was July 4 so very close to a month. I gave him a going away presant, and he gave me one of the stuffed animals from the sale. I was thinking it was perfect to give to Peter, with his obsession with the zoo, and monkeys, but it is so cute I want to keep it. The traffic was nasty both directions. Especially when they closed I84 westbound.

I need to invite people to the OMSI thing more directly. Too many people are broke. It sucks.

My job bugs me. It didn't slow down all day, and on a saturday. I still need to find a part time job to work during school, but I need to know what my schedule will be first so I need to sign up for classes, and I don't know how to do that yet for PCC. My head is a little overloaded. I think I remember having a wonderful dream this morning that was spoiled by my alarm. Or was that on wednesday. Whatever it is too late now. I can't remember my dreams anyways.

Time to sleep so that tomorrow isn't as painful as today was.

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