Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

Two weeks notice

My staffing agency gave me my final notice about attendace today. More like only notice. Two of the incidents NEVER HAPPENED. A third incident was the fault of the DTV management in changing my schedule with less than a weeks notice making it imposible for me to get approved time off, because that can only be approved a week ahaid of time. That day was previously scheduled to be my day off. It would have been rediculous for me to work on that day anyways. Shifting my schedule 7 hours fifteen minutes in only a day. I know they would fire me for something I did not do. It has happened to multiple people I know. I will not have a scar on my employment record. They gave me my final notice so I am giving them my final notice before I leave today. I have had enough. I will not take it anymore.
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