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It sux when I have something to write about, but not really enough time to write about it. I will super sumup.

I called in sick today. I was feeling about 2:30PM, but I was not about to go to work when I already had the day off. So My plan was to watch Evangelion most of the day. The first movie comes out tomorrow, and I want the series fresh in my mind. It was too hot though so I thought why not go to my parents where it is air conditioned. I went to my parents, and found my mom moving my sisters (Lisa) old bed out. It was going to my moms friends house (Vera) who was helping her move. So I ended up halping move. Then I watched about an hour of evangelion before my Vera and my mom got back with the couch mom was buying from Vera. My mom managed to fall down while moving the couch, and hurt herself badly. My mom was going to wait it out, and go to the chiropractor in the morning, but I grabed the phone, and made a quick call, and caught him on his way out to the parking lot. He was very kind, and waited 20 minutes for us to get there. My mom shrieked in pain at tiny bumps that I wouldn't have thought about if my mom wasn't making noise. Then the doctor worked on my mom for 40 minutes. My mom still hurt a bunch, and I took care of her until dad got home.

I told my roomate that I am going to be moving out. I have to pay for another month because it is too close to the end of this month. I am going to quit work in 3-4 weeks I think. Then I am going to school. I must find out what I need to do to get back into school right away. It will have to be PCC I guess, because I would have to have had an application in months ago to get into a university. I will be moving back in with my parents.

When I got home I ended up chatting with Becca again instead of watching Evangelion. I chatted with other people too, but mostly Becca. Because of her chat I think the OMSI trip will be on Sunday August 25. I haven't quite decided on a time, but the ealier, the more stuff we can do, the later the more sleep we get. Museum hours are 9:30am-7:00pm. I will try to setup an Evite in the next few days. We can't get a group discount on a Sunday so regular admission prices apply. See http://www.omsi.org for more info.

OK that wasn't very summed up. Oh Becca got 98% compatible with the sparks personality test. She is tied for second place with one of my bestest friends. Maybe we will be bestest friends too. Too early to tell, I only just almost met her, but I am told that she is even cooler in real life. She is a friend, of a friend, of a friend. My plan is to get introduced down the line. It will be fun. I think that is much better than just going out to meet in person that you meet on the internet. It takes most of the risk out.
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