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OMSI - Spruce Goose

Now that I know my new schedule I can plan for the OMSI trip. I know it can't be on August 16 - 18 due to events surrounding one of my best friends weddings. My schedule is now 8:15AM - 5:15PM Saturday - Wednesday. I may decide to take a day off so that more people can come.

Everyone who reads this, and their friends are invited to come to OMSI when I go sometime this summer. This started a while ago I was asking people who would go with me to OMSI, because I was disapointed that no one I ever asked wanted to go, and then I got a ton of responses of people who wanted to go. So plans got canceled for a bit, and now I want to make them again. Also I want to go to see the Spruce goose because I haven't seen it yet.

If anyone out there is interested in hanging out with me at either place let me know. Because of scheduling, and the all important I only want to go if this certain other person is going I don't expect more than a few people to come.

Reply to this post you must!!!

I need to pick days, then people can decide if they are comming. Are there days that are really good for people, are weekends, or weekdays off limits? Over all I think it is easier to get people to come to parties than to hang out one on one because you get maximum socialization for the effort.

Don't get me wrong I would hang out with any of you. Maybe not because I am not limiting this post to friends. OK anyone who is currently on my friends list I would hang out with.
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