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Unusual Day

I got the day off work so that I could go to my Grandma's 80ith birthday celebration. I went to Sharis for breakfast. Then I went across the street to a fundraiser car wash. My car is clean for the first time since March. I looks so nice. I went to a aquatic apparel store on the way to the party, and got some sandles. Now my feet will make it the 8 feet from the bathroom to my room without getting dirty. You wouldn't think this would be a problem, but it is. Stupid animals leaving hair everywhere. It doesn't help that they like to hang out right next to my door. Sometimes they scratch the door. NO I am not letting you in not ever. I know what you do to the rest of the house, and I am not letting you do it to my room.

The party was surprisingly good. I was expecting to be very bored. My cousin Forest got stuck sight reading some music he had never heard before. His singing was excelent, and went well with my Aunt Lynn's violin playing, and the pianist my mom hired. I think my mom hired her. I didn't recognise her.

There is another family party of sorts tomorrow. I need to remember to go to it after work. I will have more time to talk to my family because their won't be as many people around.

I should write down all the things to do tomorrow, but I probably won't.

Oh, and my cuz Ursula told me that I am a good driver. More than half the population thinks that they are an above average driver, witch is statistically imposible. I like hearing that I am good from other people, it makes me think that I am not imagining my abilities. That, and my perfect driving record.
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