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My head hurts. Probably because of both a lack of caffeen, and neck problems.

My roomates have been monopolizing the washer, and dryer for over a day now. I am at the end of my laundry. Julie said that the washer would be avaliable in the morning.... But I needed it last night. Fuck. I hope I can at least find some clean underware, and a shirt with holes in it so I can take a shower before going to bed.

I just assembled the first of two book cases. I probably should have said that to the people I was chatting with online, because I just suddenly stopped responding for an hour, and a half. Finnally I will be able to unpack stuff that has been in boxes since I moved over a month ago. Then I will be able to find things again.

I spent most of the day with my mom. I think I appreciate her more now that I don't live with her anymore. I talked to her for a long time. She says that she wants a good picture of me that is curret. She said that she would pay somebody to do it. I think I will ask Rin. She has real talent with a camera, and with photoshop too. Mom helped me find the bookcases, and paid for them. They were cheap. $30 each. They arn't great, but they will do the job I think. The one I finished looks good.

Lets see..

Phase one. Bookcases. This will allow me to empty the boxes stacked as high as possible in the closet. This will free the closet space for phase two.

Phase two. Put clothes in closet. I think I need to get a new dresser to do this. Or actually I think my sister is getting rid of one. Then the laundry baskets that are cluttering the floor can be emptied, and stacked neatly in the closet. Freeing much precious floor space for phase three.

Phase three. Futon. Intead of a swivel chair I will get a Big futon. When people visit they will have a place sit. I will have an extreamly comfy place to sit while using the computer rather than this damm borowed wicker chair. If the people who visit drink too much, and can't drive home they will have a place to sleep. Well as many as two of them. A third could sleep on the bean bag chair I guess.

Phase four. Backyard. There is a giant trampoline in the back yard. It is very fun. Unfortunately it is under a plum tree so it keeps getting gooey plums on it. Usually they are already rotten by the time they fall out of the tree. The only way to clean up the mess is to clear off the plums, and then wash the trampoline. By the time the trampoline dries I bet another plum would fall on it. The obvious solution is to move the trampoline. The grass has grown so much because of my roomates lazyness before I arrived that the trampoline feels like it is glued to the ground. The backyard needs some serious work. Whatever isn't here I can borrow from my parents house or my grandparents. Wich leads to stage five.

Phase five. Party time. Girls on trampoline... the works. It will probably be a sober party. Everone was completely sober at the best party I ever attended. It was great. First it was at my house. We had a water war. It was brutal people surrendered. Then we all got in cars and drove parade style to Tracy's house to jump on his trampoline. Then we were off to someones comutity pool for swimming. Then I think we went to the Hillsburo Arcade for air hockey, and pool. Then to Dave's house to just hang out. It lasted over 8 hours in all. I have had big fun since then but I don't think anything has quite matched that day.
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