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The essence of slack

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Jul. 13th, 2002 | 06:11 pm
mood: melancholymelancholy
music: Air conditioning

I'm at work. They are trying to start enforcing the no browseing except during breaks policy. We all got signs to display if we are on break, or lunch. Today much of the tools we need to do our jobs are not functioning. There is an IVR (initial voice response) up telling people this. So there is over 10 minutes between calls. When we do get a call there is a good chance troubleshooting will take a longer than usual amount of time. I just leave my sign on the LUNCH setting. I would go insane if I couldn't browse with nobody nearby to talk to. Actually I think I will go insane anyways.

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(no subject)

from: magus2k2
date: Jul. 13th, 2002 06:48 pm (UTC)

i am sorry but we cant let them do taht granted we dont need it
but i will have to get a book cause with the hot cubing we wont have constant people to talk with
and i dont know i am anti-social i know most of the people there but still prob wont talk to most

we should start a petetion

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Daniel Patrick Johnson


from: teknotus
date: Jul. 13th, 2002 07:09 pm (UTC)

What we need is a union. Oo! I am going to look into that. That would be an hornorable way to get fired.

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