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Personality test

Anyone who has taken the personality test must list me, and anyone who hasn't must take it, and then list me. I can't get most of my friends to take it. I just added Gloria to my test, and found that she is 100% compatible. That is a first for me. Oh the email I took the test under is zabobathotmail.com. See clever way to confuse robots. Replace at with @. Doesn't matter though that email address gets mostly spam now anyways. Oh and for those of you who don't know the personality test is @ TheSpark.com "internet like burning".

Most of the other stuff I have to say today is just gripes about how my work is treating me, and everyone else. When I started working there it was a pretty good place to work but not anymore. I know a few people who have been fired, and I don't know if they would want to come back it they expirenced how the place is now. I will leave it at that because I will feel better if I try not to think about it. Oh, and tomorrow they are shutting almost EVERYTHING down for MOST of the day. All in order to implement cost saving infrastructure that will hardly matter to the end user. It will be a day that I can't really even do my job, and will generate huge numbers of supervisor calls.

Maybe I should learn to do livejournal cuts. My posts seem to be getting longer, and more frequent. I should also consider actually writing some email, because I havn't gotten many of my friends onto live journal yet. I have plenty of codes to give out still. PETER is the only one I have really gotten into LJ so far. I must mention PETER so that he replies to this message. He only really likes to reply if there is talk of him, and by him I mean PETER. Ha HA that was kinda fun.

I am watching less TV than when I first got cable. Really TV should mostly be because you don't something better to be doing. Well something better that you can think well enough to actually do. Well ok sometimes TV is good, but I don't like how will stay up longer than I should to see the end of a show that really isn't as important as sleep. I wrote well too many times.

Damm it is way too hot this sucks I want Air conditioning.
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