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Stupid Schedule

I cut my hair this moring. I desided that with the heat I would be better off with less insulation.

I got a new schedule effective monday July 15 2002. 8:15AM - 5:15PM Saturday-Wednesday. First off this comming weekend just got shortend to one day. Monday I was planning to go to the Zoo with Peter too. Seriously they should give more than a weeks notice when changing schdules. I didn't even get five days. Currently my shift is 3:30PM -12:30 AM. I usually am not up until at least 1PM. It will be oh so painful to get up at 7AM, and earlier. I don't even have any weekend days off anymore. Even without the weekends off I will have much more time off when friends do. I will have daylight hours when I am awake. That will make it easier to get exercise. I miss being in shape so much. I remember when I could hike 5 miles up a mountain, and not break a sweat. When I didn't float in water. I will get to watch prime time tv again.

I will go to the Zoo. I don't care if they don't give me the day off. Peter says to be at the zoo at 10:30AM this monday the 15th. If he didn't invite you, well it is a public place, so how is he going to stop you. Just assume he forgot to invite you.

Crap tomorrow I have to get up early to take my car to the shop. Ahh! I don't wanna get up. I wanna stay in bed.
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