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I have been wanting my very own copy of this movie since I first saw it. Now I have it I rock. UHF on DVD, and only $10. OO! I get the first Evangelion movie in only 20 days. I also bought "A Beautiful Mind" yesterday. I need to get the other movie about a kooky mathmatician "PI".

In ultra sucky news. My car won't lock now. I took everything valuble out of it, and set the trunk so that it can only be opened with a key, and locked the glovebox too. I'm not so scared by my house, but I don't get out of work until 12:30AM, and I don't think the night security is very tight. Basically people coming out to smoke IS the security. The dealer told me that they couldn't work on it until thursday, and then they might not have the parts they need, so I may need to bum rides or take Ugh public transportation of some sort. I know that would mean at least one transfer for the maybe 4 miles away that I live. It would probably be faster to walk even. So please don't steal of vandalize my car. When I do take it in I will have to get up early, at I guess 8:30AM. I hope that doesn't kill me. Getting up with about 4 hours of sleep at 8:30 AM, and then staying up until at least 2:30AM. Then trying to handel work for another two days before I get a break. Ahhh!

I really need to spend more effort on my room. I have lived here more than a month, and it still doesn't feel like I am moved in. I don't have all the furniture I need, and well it is kinda messy. I want to work on the back yard too. The grass seriously needs mowing. I tried to move the trampoline so that plums wouldn't fall on it, and rot. but the grass was so grown up around it that it was thurowly stuck. I hate this monitor. I really miss my 19". The letters wouldn't look all fuzzy and crappy from this distance. I need to get a water purifier, and real produce from Natures, and furniture, and a new monitor, and fix my car. Why does everything have to cost money, when I want to quit my job so bad. I hate my job so much. Peter talking about ONLY 3 days left everyday doesn't help at all.

I stoped by my parents house this weekend. I really miss the yard. If only I had a comfortable room there, and good internet access, and a trampoline, and was only 6 minutes from work I would want to move back.
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