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Bits of madness

My dream last night was really weird. The dealer forcibly bought back my car for more money than I paid for it. Some clause I never noticed in the contract. But it wasn't even the dealer I bought the car from, and I don't think that it was even a real life dealer. I remember thinking, this is a real pain in the ass. I hate car shopping. I think it was the comment the other day about trading a car for a couch. Then I forgot to get all of my stuff out of it when the car left my posession. So I ended up having to pick my stuff up at the white house from the Clintons.

I was thinking about how lame my random AIM messages are, so I decided to randomly send out an insiteful though about it.

"Every slow day at work I randomly pick names out of my contact list, and send random messages. All in hopes that my bordom, and lonelyness will be alleviated for a few moments."

Some of the reponses were interesting.
"stupid lonelyness" I couldn't think of how to respond to this
"I ate too many honey roasted almonds" this comment made me burst out laughing. It was so random that it was perfect.
"maybe this will help" It was a link to an theonion article about a conveniance store clerks fantasy about killing all the customers in the store.

Different people have such different outlooks on life
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