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Fun, and annoyances

Yesterday I decided to take my Atention deficeit Meds. I didn't sleep well last night. I guess I had too much to think about, and that doesn't combine well with ADD meds. I did learn something useful in the time, so I don't feel that it was a compleate waste. The phone rang at 7:15 AM. I had about an hour, and a half of sleep. I went to the Kiwanis Pancake breakfast like I do every year. I was good as always, but the line was about a half hour long. Then I went to my great uncles house to watch the parade with my family. There is always a family party after the parade. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I kept taking small breaks to lie down. At times when I was awake I would sit down near someone to talk to them. Most of the time they would soon get up, and leave. So much of my family I don't feel like I know well because they don't talk to me. Only my second cousin Andy made any significant effort to talk to me. Unfortunately my father kept changing the subject to something boring.

After a long nap I realized that I had forgotten to move the bike rack I borrowed early this week to my parents car, so I had to drive all the way to my parents house, and back just to drop it off. When I got home again I found that my roomate had purchased a larg quantity of the type of fireworks you have to drive out of state to aquire. I decided to meet my Best friend on the waterfront instead. I had never gone to a big professional fireworks display before in my life. I didn't get there until the show was just starting so I didn't meet up with my friend until afterwards. I know all the people he was hanging out with. We hung out for a while, but everyone has to work tomorrow, and they have to get up much earlier than I do. We all parked at the same place so we talked more on the way there. I had to wait half an hour just to get out of the parking garage. They charged me $.50 for time I was stuck in their garage that was their fault. If things were fair instead of me paying them $2 they should be paying me $4.50 for all of my time that they wasted. If it wasn't for the slow payment process everyone would have been out within 3 minutes intead of the people on the top floor taking over 40 for the people on the top floor. My best friend is moving to Boston next month so I try to spend as much time with him as I can.

Time to sleep. Hopefully I can make it through tomorrow awake.
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