Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

Changing who I am again?

I just read through a bunch of friends posts. Apparently while I wasn't paying attention not only did one person start a relationship they went on to get married, and have an incredibly cute baby boy. Another person seems to be a college professor now. A few of the people I have on my livejournal I still hang out with regularly, and so the news isn't so surprising. I know there are tons of the friends I hang out with in real life that are here in livejournal land too, but I haven't looked for them maybe I should.

I've been working on a big change for how I live my life for about the last month. In the ongoing struggle that my family has had to hold itself together since a bunch of people died about three years ago I've become aware of how weak a lot of the connections are. Although I can't remember ever not knowing most of the people in my family, I mostly know them through little 5 minute conversations a few times a year. This isn't just a problem with my family, but with many of my friends too. I've gotten pretty good at meeting new people, and getting to a good base where we are friendly with each other. What I want though is something stronger. I need one to one conversations. I've gotten to know a bunch of my friends better in the last month. And finally yesterday I sat down with my cousin Jamie. It only took about 30 years for this to happen. It turns out she is as awesome as I had suspected.
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