Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote,
Daniel Patrick Johnson


I've been slowly calming down. Had an emotional freakout. Perhaps brought on by talking to a man who said he has been homeless for the last 6 years. Such a different point of view on life. He didn't seem attached to stuff so much, but had had his backpack that he didn't like the color of for years. He was attached to a girl across an ocean. I can understand that. Perhaps I understand that too well, and that is why I freak out.

I've had other random encounters with people who have given me the best advice that they could. Saturday a woman was warning people about how her ex fiancé was using people for money, and worse hurting their feelings in ways that will take a very long time to heal. I used it both as advice for how to avoid people taking advantage of me, and for how to avoid hurting other people's feelings.

Another one was a man who told me about his mistakes, and how his family still loves him despite all of that. He told me to care about what I already have, and nurture it, not worry about the parts that were missing. To be the person I was meant to be. He wanted me to learn this 20 years sooner than it took him to learn.

Another man told me that if people could focus, and work together we could do almost anything, especially for good, but people don't have enough community, and our efforts are a jumbled mess that does much bad as a result. That we can be good, or evil, and we need to learn to work together for good for the sake of the little ones.

I think most of these people weren't used to being listened to. Some of this stuff was jumbled in with bits that I'm not sure was sane. Still though when distilled out when I take the time to really listen to people I find that they will share at least one golden gem with me that might change my view of the world. Changing how you see the world can be rather stressful as it is full of surprises.
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